Agriturismo Podere Casenove

Itineraries and surroundings

Podere Casenove agritourism farm is located just 6 kilometers from the small Renaissance city of Sansepolcro, birthplace of Piero della Francesca, Luca Pacioli, and Cherubino Alberti, and 9 kilometers from Città di Castello.

Borgo Sansepolcro in Toscana
Our vacation apartments are found on the border between the Umbrian Alta Valle del Tevere and the Valtiberina of Tuscany; this valley is a large basin formed by the filling of Lake Tiberino occurring in the Pliocene era and ploughed by the Tevere River for approximately 50 km.

This primarily mountainous territory is the crossroads of four regions (Tuscany, Umbria, Romagna and Marche) giving it many forms of influence in architecture and customs, in gastronomic and artisanal products, including the language itself, giving it a very particular nature compared to the Tuscan context.

La Vallata offers visitors a gentle, attractive landscape of the valley bed, characterized by rivers and streams, forests and farmhouses, overlooked by picturesque rural hamlets and ancient castles from the surrounding hills.

Agriturismo Podere Casenove in Valtiberina


The Municipality of Citerna is located in the province of Perugia in the center of the Valtiberina.

The territory of Citerna consists primarily of agricultural land (on which the economy of the area is based) and by forest-covered hills.

Citerna is considered the "terrace" of Valle del Tevere; from here, in fact, a single glance takes in the entire valley ploughed by the river Tevere, which begins from Città di Castello and extends until reaching Sansepolcro.

Thanks to its beauty and its admirable panorama, Citerna is one of the "One of the most beautiful cities of Italy".

The monuments that can be admired in this medieval hamlet are: the Rocca (a recently restored fort of Longobardian origin), the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, (with a magnificent Madonna with Child preserved inside), the Church of Saint Frances (probably built in memory of the passage of St. Frances of Assisi in Citerna) and Palazzo Prosperi with its Medieval covered walkway (also called "lover's lane" and site of interesting little displays).

The history of the Tiber Valley

In the past, this was a land of encounters between different cultures: Umbrian, Etruscan, Byzantine, and Longobardian. The patrician Romans at the time of Caesar Augustus noticed its beauty and built villas there. Later, the Church and the abbots constructed solid monasteries while the holy brothers discovered, often in hidden corners, places suiting their mysticism; even today there are still majestic places of faith such as the hermitages of Cerbaiolo, Montecasale, Casella, and the Sanctuaries of Petriolo, Belvedere and Canoscio.
The native land of many renowned artists, some outstanding examples being Michelangelo Buonarrotti and Piero della Francesca, it has kept its artistic vocation over time.

Charming villages include Anghiari, Citerna, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, and Montone: medieval castles and towers, scattered chapels and farmhouses are perched on the green hills that slope toward the valley. In the center of the valley, Città di Castello is the most important and most populated settlement, rich in medieval and Renaissance monuments that show its historic role as a cross-roads between Florence, Urbino, Perugia, and Rome.

The population of the Valley, respectful of ecological balance, keeps in mind its traditions and is proud of its hard work.
Even today, in fact, the primary and most developed employment sectors are those linked to stylish furniture construction, ceramic production, hand-crafted textiles, ironworking, gold-smithing, typography and paper-making.

Anghiari in Toscana

Our vacation apartments are the ideal base for visiting nearby arts cities

  • Tuscany: Anghiari, Monterchi, Sansepolcro, Caprese Michelangelo, Arezzo, Siena, Firenze.
  • Umbria: Assisi, Gubbio, Città di Castello, Umbertide, Corciano, Perugia, Spello, Bevagna, Trevi, Montefalco, Foligno, Spoleto, Todi.
  • Marche: Urbino, Gradara.
  • Emilia Romagna: Ravenna, Rimini, San Marino.

We are also just a few kilometers away from a visit to the following sanctuaries:

  • Francescan sanctuaries: Assisi, la Verna and Montecasale;
  • Camaldoli;
  • Santa Rita da Cascia.

Other itineraries of naturalistic interest are:

  • The cascades of Marmore;
  • The grottoes of Frasassi;
  • Trasimeno lake;
  • The artificial lake formed by the Montedoglio dike.
Lago Trasimeno

We are happy to recommend some of the many excellent Restaurants located near our facility: there you may taste the typical local dishes and valuable wines famous around the world.

Throughout the year (always check our news e offerte page to be updated in real time on on-going events) towns in the Valley offer enjoyable and interesting antique, culinary, musical, and artistic events, still demonstrating a strong sense of the tradition and people belonging to this region.

Dove Mangiare in Valtiberina

Commercial entities near our agritourism farm in Umbria

  • Restaurant "L'isola che non c'è:" 1200 meters;
  • Restaurant "Belvedere" Citerna: 3 km;
  • Pizzeria by the slice "Non solo Pizza:" 600 meters;
  • Food-related businesses "Despar:" 600 meters;
  • Bar "Blu Moon:" 800 meters;
  • Pub/Pizzeria at the " Pampaloni Sports Center:" 800 meters;
  • "Pampaloni" Sports Center (pool, tennis, beach volley, soccer): 800 meters.
Viaggiare in Toscana

Distance from nearby cities and towns:

  • Fighille 800 meters;
  • Citerna 4 km;
  • Monterchi 5 km;
  • Sansepolcro 6 km;
  • Città di Castello 9 km;
  • Arezzo 32 km;
  • Gubbio 45 km;
  • Perugia 68 km;
  • Assisi 70 km;
  • Siena 98 km;
  • Florence 105 km.


  • Perugia 68 km;
  • Rimini 98 km;
  • Forlì 105 km;
  • Bologna 150 km.